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From creative talent to technical experts, we have everything our clients need to succeed.

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Education Assesments

Our experts help develop the educational tools, which are used nation wide.

Diversified Experts

We have experts in multiple fields that help us develop the best visual media solutions for your needs.

About Us

We create visual media solutions for education, government, and corporate training. These informative assessments can be used to develop modern day tools for training, and development.

Our visual media solutions serve markets in education, government agencies, corporate operations, and private entities. With the assistance of multiple forms of media such as; web development, video production, photography, language translations, database development, hosting, and any combination of new technology that develops over the years.


  • Some of our visual media solutions include educational assessments for the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Military training and assessment solutions for the Department of Defense.
  • Federal, State, and Corporate training, instructional, and informative media solutions
ASL Education Assessments
We have produced over 4,000 ASL videos as part of the U.S. Department of Education’s Educational Assessments project.
Department of Defense
In 2015 Kinetic House will become a new developer for Military Training and Assessment tools.
U.S. Department of Education
In 2015 Kinetic House will become a new developer of Educational Assessments and eLearning tools for the U.S. Department of Education, in support of it’s continuous educational development.

What can we do?

Video Production

Our creative team can produce a wide variety of visual productions from concept to completion

Audio Productions

Our audio experts can compose original music, or record a scripted presentation in any language.


Our talented photographers provide the perfect balance between visual assets, and technological development.

International Translations

Our language, and subject matter experts can help you reach an international audience to produce the best possible outcome of your product.

Interactive Development

From Websites to Mobile Apps, User Interface Design, and Responsive Development.

ASL Video Production

We work with nationally certified sign language experts, and agencies to create products usable by the deaf and hard of hearing community.

HUB Certified

Equal Opportunity Employer